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It is the second generation of 5 Series mid sedans, produced between 1981 and 1988. It was available with four and six cylinders petrol engines, and a diesel introduced in 1983. It had a rear-hinged bonnet and a boot of 460 liters. Most of them, however, was with 63 to 70 liters fuel tanks. It was offered with all the engines available from BMW, like M10, 20, 21, 30, 88 and S38. Models launched were 518, 520i, 525i and 528i with petrol engines, 524d and 524td with diesel engines and 518i with fuel injection. They were offered with an automatic and manual transmission. The manual transmissions available were Getrag 242, 262, 240, 260, 265, 245, 280 and ZF S5-16. The automatic transmissions were ZF 3HP22 and 4HP22. The models were with front and rear suspension with Macpherson struts and semi-trailing arm. The steering was improved, and 14 and 16-inch wheels were on offer. The brakes on the front were internally ventilated disc brakes, while on the rear wheels were non-vented disc or drum brakes. M5 was the first model produced with M88 and S38 straight-six engines.

In the North, America was first launched 528e in 1982 and then 533i. They were offered with manual and also three-speed automatic transmission, and in 1983 a 4-speed automatic transmission was offered. In 1985 was set a standard all the models to be with ABS brakes. They also had a sunroof, alloy wheels, fog lights, central locking, and air conditioning and S38 engine. Approximately 722 000 were produced.

518 was sold only in small part of Europe, with a four-cylinder engine and a carburetor. It was able to reach up to 164 km per hour.

518i was sold mainly in Japan but also in some parts of Europe, with a four-cylinder engine, fuel injected, able to reach up to 175km per hour.

520i was with the smallest six-cylinder engines, able to reach up to 190km per hour.

525e was launched with 2.7 liters 6 cylinders M20 petrol, with about 118hp. It was considered a commercial version. Without the catalytic converter, a speed of 190 km per hour could be achieved.

525i was sold only in Europe, with 2.5 liters 6 cylinder engine, able to reach up to 201km per hour.

528i was one of the fastest versions able to reach up to 215 km per hour.

533i was launched in North America and Japan.

535i was introduced in 1984 with the same six-cylinder drivetrain as M535i, able to reach up to 225 km per hour.

M535i was with the drivetrain from 535i with M-Technic suspension and unique body panels and wheel. It was able to achieve up to 230 km per hour.

524td was the first diesel car manufactured by BMW in 1982, ready to reach up to 180 km per hour top speed.

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