BMW is a German manufacturer for automobiles, motorcycles. It was found in 1916 in Germany. Their production facilities are in South Africa, China, USA, UK, Germany, India, and Brazil. In 2015 the company was ranked 12th biggest vehicle producer with approximately 2.3 million vehicles produced. They also produce Rolls-Royce, Mini, electric and sports cars. In the early years of its existence, the company also built aircraft engines. The company's success started with the BMW llla aircraft engine which outperformed any other and made the company expand very fast. After the end of the WW2, BMW changed the production to household items and railway brakes. The primary stakeholder purchase the name BMW and the company started producing engines for trucks and busses, pumps and farm equipment.

The production of motorcycles started in 1923 and the creation of automobiles in 1928. The acquired Dixi 3/15 model from the company Automobilwerk Eisenach became BMW 3/15, the first BMW car. BMW 3/20, however, was the first entirely designed by BMW car, with a four-cylinder engine. In 1933 was launched BMW 303 with the first straight-six engine. The company had also started to produce sports cars, convertibles, sedans and coupes. The company started using prisoners and foreigners for the production of aircraft engines. Among the models produced by them were BMW 801, BMW 132 and BMW 003. During the WW2 the production facilities for cars and motorcycles were bombarded and banned, and BMW switched to other ways of producing first pots and pans and then bicycles and kitchen supplies.

In 1948 the ban was removed, and R24 was introduced. After a few years in 1952 is removed the prohibition for producing cars and BMW501 is proposed. Two years later is submitted BMW 502 which is the first BMW with a V8 engine. In 1955 was decided to launch Isetta, which was an affordable vehicle for the public. In 1957 BMW 600 was introduced based on the same design. In 1959 a more extensive version was introduced, called BMW 700. The company was losing money from all their models, as some were not affordable, not selling enough or just the profit on them was very small. Negotiations for cooperation with Mercedes were considered but then stopped by the shareholders. Instead, a New Class was introduced, which indeed saved the company financially and made it famous as a company producing leading sports sedans.

Hans Glas company was acquired because of the knowledge they had about the development of the timing belt with an overhead camshaft and their highly qualified personnel. They also manufactured the rear and front axles for BMW for a certain period. 

In 1966 were introduced 02 Series coupes. In 1968 the production of the straight-six engine was resumed. New six, New six CS and in 1972, 5 Series was introduced. In 1976 were added and 6 Series as coupes, based on the 5 Series. In 1975 the 3 Series was presented followed by the 7 Series in 1978. In 1978 was introduced BMW M1 which was their first mid-engined sports and road car at the time. In 1980 was produced the first M model, called E12 M535i. Five years later BMW M5 was introduced based on E28. In 1983 was introduced their first diesel engine vehicle M21. In 1985 was presented the first all-wheel-drive model E30 325iX. Two years later it was updated to the first model available as an estate. In 1986 was introduced the first V12 model - E 32 750i. In 1985 M3 was proposed based on the E30. In 1989 were introduced the 8 Series and three years later was introduced M60-the first model powered with a V8 engine in almost three decades. It was also the first model with multi-link rear suspension. E34 became the first to be produced with all-wheel-drive and a wagon body style. In 1989 the first two-seat models were introduced from Z Series. In 1993 the first hatchback model was introduced under the name BMW 3 Series Compact. In 1995 BMW fully acquired Designworks USA. In 1993 was introduced McLaren powered by a V12 engine from BMW. In 1994 the company obtained Rover Group for six years and then sold many of the brands because of the losses they generated. They sold Rover, MG, and Ford and kept Mini. In 1995 E38 725tds was introduced as the first 7 Series with a diesel engine. E39 5 Series was the first with rack-and-pinion steering mainly made from aluminum, added in the same year. BMW Z3 coupe and a convertible was also introduced that year and became the first model to be produced only outside Germany. In 1998 was introduced E46 3 Series with the most potent engine of that time. In 1999 was introduced X5 model with a different body type. It resulted in a big success and became the base for developing the X Series. In 2003 was introduced X3. In 2001 was launched E65 7 series as the first model with 6-speed automatic transmission. In 2002 Z4 was launched. In 2004 1 Series replaced the 3 Series Compact. In 2003 was produced the first Rolls-Royce from BMW-Phantom. It was mainly from BMW's parts, as BMW was allowed to use only the name and logo of Rolls-Royce. The first V10 engine was introduced in E60 M5 in 2015. It became the base for developing later on E64 and E64. In 2006 BMW started to use turbocharged engines with the first model E92 335I released in 2006 with six-cylinder N54. It became a trend in the industry. In 2011 was relaunched F30 3 Series with a turbocharged engine. In 2008 was introduced the first turbocharged V8 engine, N63, following by a turbocharged V12 N74. In 2011 the first M5 with a turbocharged engine was launched-F10 M5. In 2007 BMW acquired the production rights for Husqvarna Motorcycles for about 100 million euros. In 2008 was introduced X6 SUV. In 2009 was introduced BMW X1 compact SUV and Gran Turismo fastback. In 2010 was introduced the first hybrid car from the brand-F01 ActiveHybrid 7. In 2013 was released the first electric car i3, made from carbon-fiber. In 2014 was introduced the first hybrid sportscar i8, the first time with inline three engines. In 2013 4 Series replaced 3 Series, and 2 Series replaced 1 Series. 2 Series was available as seven-seat MPV-F46, five-seat MPV-F45, and coupe-F22. F46 and F45 were the first front-wheel drive cars from BMW. In 2013 was introduced X4 compact SUV. In 2016 were introduced the first plug-in hybrid cars based on the 7 and 3 Series- G11 740e and F30 330e.   

BMW comes from Bayerische Motoren Werke. AG stands for Aktiengesellschaft. In 2017 BMW had 98.678 billion revenue, which is an increase of about 5% from the previous years.  BMW has participated in several competitions including Formula 1, Formula 2, 24 Hours of Le Mans, American Le Mans Series, and others. The cars have also been painted by famous Artists like Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein, and others. The headquarters in Munich is with the shape of the cylinder head of a 4-cylinder engine and considered a protected important building nowadays.

The museum's roof is a forty meters BMW logo. The company also made movies called The Hire where the brand automobiles were tested. The production is in Germany, China, South Africa, Mexico and in the US. Approximately 20 000 000 BMWs, 4 000 000 MINI, 30 000 Rolls-Royce and 1 500 000 motorcycles have been produced since 2005. They are transported mostly through rail. 56% of the cars are running on petrol and 44% on diesel. In 2016 and 2017 many customers complained about burning vehicles because of overwhelming. The company had recalled approximately 1.5 million cars for safety check from 3 Series. The company was banned from South Korea because of about 40 flamed vehicles. BMW has cooperated with McLaren Automotive, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes, Toyota and Audi for the manufacturing and design of some of the components. BMW is a sponsor of the Eintracht Frankfurt, the Olympic games in London 2012, PGA Championship, Italian Open, and many others. According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, BMW is the most sustainable automotive company since 1999. It is also the first company to hire an environmental officer. They also operate companies like ReachNow and DriveNow.