Classic parts VW Scirocco

Scirocco was designed as a three-door, with a front engine and a front wheel drive.

Spare parts VW Scirocco 1 generation

First, it becomes available in Europe in 1974 just a few months before the Golf. With a displacement between 1.1 and 1.6 liters, all produced were with two valves per cylinder. Four headlights were set because of its shape. The most potent version was the TS model with 84 hp followed by L and S with 50hp. In 1975 is added automatic transmission mainly for North America.
The TS version was with 1.4L 4-speed manual transmission and right-hand drive first in 1976. In 1977 GTE and LS were offered with a 1.5L engine with fuel injection technology. GTE was either with four-speed manual transmission or 3-speed automatic transmission. The LS was only with automatic transmission. The primary market for this model was Japan which is also the main reason for the small engines, which were necessary to make the vehicles affordable. Larger battery and air conditioner were offered in 1975. Orange lens five-speed transmission and two-piece shrouder mirror were added. A five-speed manual transmission was also suggested to North America in 1980, and in 1981 it became the only one offered. First for that market in 1975 the models were with 1.5 liters 1471cc, 1.6liters with 76hp in 1976 and 1977 and 1.5L 1457cc 71hp in 1978. Because of complaints about the low performance in 1979 again is introduced 1.7l 1715cc.

Spare parts VW Scirocco 2 generation

In 1981 is introduced a version with a new design, produced from the same factory. It was with increased luggage space, less drag and more substantial headroom. A spoiler was located on the rear hatch. In 1984 the script with the car's name was removed from the exterior design, larger fuel tank, new air compressors, and brake light switch are installed. All the models were on offer with leather interior design, air conditioner, and sunroof. The second generation was offered with eleven different engines, with carburetor and fuel injection. In 1981 is introduced 16-valve head which is first shown in a model in 1985. Displacements were from 1.3 to 1.8 liters with the power of between 60 and 110 ps for the eight-valve engines and between 129 and 139 ps for the sixteen valve engines. About 20 models are produced under different names such as L, GLS, CL, GTX, and others. It was sold until 1992 in Europe. Later on, it is replaced by Corrado. In Japan was offered only GTI with a 1.8L engine with automatic or manual transmission. For North America, the car's features had to differ from the other markets because of the different regulations. In 1982 the models were with 74hp. In 1984 the speed was increased and the hp to 90. In 1986 is introduced the sixteen valve model. In North America and Canada, the models are replaced again by Corrado in 1988 in the USA and 1989 in Canada.

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