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VW LT was the largest light commercial panel van produced by Volkswagen between 1975 and 2006. About 471 000 vehicles were created during the period. It was known as Kombi, first launched in 1975.

Spare parts VW LT 28-50

It weighted 2.8 to 3.5 tons, with rear drive and cab-over design launched in Berlin. The name LT comes from cargo transporter. It was with independent front wheel suspension and a solid front axle which increased the capacity to carry. In 1983 turbo diesel and inline six petrol engines were added, and the interior is changed.

In 1993 the engines were improved and some changes to the exterior design to cope with the fashion. Intercooled engines take place and an option for turbo-diesel. A checker of coolant was integrated with a radiator grille.

Spare parts VW LT 40-55

The versions LT40 to LT 55 had a solid front axle for more significant carrying capacity. LT 55's weight was 5.6 tons with a single tire rear axle, four-wheel drive. In 1986 the headlights were improved.

Campervan versions were also introduced. LT has become a model for designing later on new cars such as the G series, Volkswagen Constellation and Titan.

In Spain, LT is known as Pegaso Ekus and in Brazil as Peterbilt Midrangers

4x4 version with 6-cylinder, mainly diesel was introduced. Differentiating from the usual 40 -45s the 4x4 version had only single wheels on the rear axle.  Prop shaft driven rod controlled box was placed beneath the vehicle. Front diff-lock was also available as an option. In 1985 the model was improved and built with 2.4inline-6 diesel and turbo diesel engines. One thousand two hundred fifty of these are produced. LT40 was as Tintop and hightop while LT40 or LT45 was with pickup and double-cab. In 1991 the diesel engine was substituted with 95 bhp D24TIC, because of lack of power. The 2 liters engines were taken from Audi 100. Since 1976 2.7 liter diesel engines were available. In 1982 the six-cylinder diesel was also available as turbodiesel with 101bhp or 89 bhp, and one more seat was open.

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