Classic parts VW K70

It is a four-door car with a front engine four-wheel drive type sedan produced between 1970 and 1975. It is famous with being the first VW with a front-mounted engine with water cooling and front wheel drive. Approximately 211 000 were manufactured with 69hp, contributing to its name. The production was in Salzgitter. Its displacement arose to 1605 cc and 74 hp.  In 1972 and 1973 improvements were made, such as a better cooling for the differential. In 1973 a new version was launched with 99hp and 1807 with reduced noise, new engine, and transmission. K70 also had more space inside because of the placement of the engine. The driver sits higher than in the previous models and also a more substantial window was set for better sight. The fuel tank was ahead of the rear axle and trunk, near the wheelbase. Seat belts were not necessary and were offered only as an option.  Its price was lower than Audi 100 but because of the critics stating it is an unreliable car the sales struggled. It was mainly with left-hand drive. Approximately 210 000 have been produced.

Classic parts and car spare parts VW K70:

  • Accessories VW K70
  • Air conditioning VW K70
  • Body parts VW K70
  • Brakes VW K70
  • Cables VW K70
  • Chassis VW K70
  • Cooling VW K70
  • Electrical VW K70
  • Engine VW K70
  • Exhausts VW K70
  • Exterior VW K70
  • Filters VW K70
  • Gearbox VW K70
  • Heating VW K70
  • Hydraulics VW K70
  • Interior VW K70
  • Lighting VW K70
  • Relays VW K70
  • Steering parts VW K70
  • Suspension VW K70
  • Transmission VW K70

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