Classic parts VW Derby

It was produced between 1977 and 1981 in Europe. It is supermini Mk1 version which adopts the name Derby with a booted saloon. It is with two door saloon, four-speed manual front engine with a front-wheel drive from 0.9 to 1.3l. About 70 000 are sold in the first year followed by a decline in the following years. In 1981 was introduced the second generation of Derby. Mostly it was from parts of Mk1 and Mk2 Polo. Formula E was an economical Derby introduced in 1981 with automatic engine turn off running on super petrol. Several models were offered such as 900L, 1300GLS, 1300LS, 1300GL, 1100 CLS, 1100 LX, 1100 LS, the 1100S and 1100 Formel E. In 1979 facelift was adjusted, and it became similar to Volkswagen Jetta. Instrumentation was taken from Mk1 Golf with improved grilled and plastic bumpers.


Classic parts and classic car spare parts VW Derby:

  • Accessories VW Derby
  • Air conditioning VW Derby
  • Body parts VW Derby
  • Brakes VW Derby
  • Cables VW Derby
  • Chassis VW Derby
  • Cooling VW Derby
  • Electrical VW Derby
  • Engine VW Derby
  • Exhausts VW Derby
  • Exterior VW Derby
  • Filters VW Derby
  • Gearbox VW Derby
  • Heating VW Derby
  • Hydraulics VW Derby
  • Interior VW Derby
  • Lighting VW Derby
  • Relays VW Derby
  • Steering parts VW Derby
  • Suspension VW Derby
  • Transmission VW Derby

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