Classic parts VW Corrado

Volkswagen Corrado is with three doors able to carry four passengers built between 1988 and 1995 in Germany. It was with a front engine, and it oversold the Scirocco version. It is based on the A2 platform except for VR6 which is based on the A3 model. It is famous for its automatic spoiler which raises when the speed reaches 60mph and lowers down when the rate falls to 15mph. All the models are front-wheel drive and on petrol. The engine could be either 1.8 liters 16-valve inline four with 134hp or a supercharged 1.8 liters 8 valve-inline four with 158hp. In 1992 were introduced a naturally aspirated 2 liters 16 valve with 134hp inline four. VR6 engine is added either with 2.8 liters 179bhp or 2.9liters 187 bhp. It was with a single cylinder head able to fit a six-cylinder engine. In 1995 was produced eight valve model with 113hp. Only 500 were created. It was listed several times in magazines as one of the cars you have to drive before you die, missed cool cars and other titles. However, it was also viewed as expensive.

Classic parts and classic car spare parts VW Corrado:

  • Accessories VW Corrado
  • Air conditioning VW Corrado
  • Body parts VW Corrado
  • Brakes VW Corrado
  • Cables VW Corrado
  • Chassis VW Corrado
  • Cooling VW Corrado
  • Electrical VW Corrado
  • Engine VW Corrado
  • Exhausts VW Corrado
  • Exterior VW Corrado
  • Filters VW Corrado
  • Gearbox VW Corrado
  • Heating VW Corrado
  • Hydraulics VW Corrado
  • Interior VW Corrado
  • Lighting VW Corrado
  • Relays VW Corrado
  • Steering parts VW Corrado
  • Suspension VW Corrado
  • Transmission VW Corrado

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