Classic parts VW Caddy 1 (14D)

It was produced with a leisure purpose in 1979 with a rear axle and round headlamps. Because of the war in 1992, the production is ended.  It was with 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 R4-petrol engine, water cooling engine with front driving wheels and 4-speed manual able to reach up to 155km per hour. A diesel model with baffle was also produced. Variants with left and right-hand drive were available. It was considered an economical car instead.

Classic parts and classic car spare parts VW Caddy:

  • Accessories VW Caddy
  • Air conditioning VW Caddy
  • Body parts VW Caddy
  • Brakes VW Caddy
  • Cables VW Caddy
  • Chassis VW Caddy
  • Cooling VW Caddy
  • Electrical VW Caddy
  • Engine VW Caddy
  • Exhausts VW Caddy
  • Exterior VW Caddy
  • Filters VW Caddy
  • Gearbox VW Caddy
  • Heating VW Caddy
  • Hydraulics VW Caddy
  • Interior VW Caddy
  • Lighting VW Caddy
  • Relays VW Caddy
  • Steering parts VW Caddy
  • Suspension VW Caddy
  • Transmission VW Caddy

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