Classic parts Porsche 959

First introduced as a sports car 959 later become a regular road car. It was produced between 1986 and 1993.

For the time it was the fastest you can find on a proper road achieving up to 340 km per hour.  It is one of the first speedy vehicles of the brand for non-competition and all-wheel drive, being a role model for building later on Carrera and updating all the turbocharged models with all-wheel drive.

It was with five-speed transmission plus one for off-road and one for backward.

The engine was modeled from 956 and 962 sports cars. It was with 444 hp. Its torque was working both during normal and slip conditions. It was produced at Baur both like a sports car and comfort.

It characterizes with 337 different cars being built and 292 959 sold. It became legal in the USA in 1999. There were a few more models from 959.

959S was with 510 bhp, and only 29 were produced. In 1986 959 finished 1st, second and 6th on racing competition. Carrera was more close to the specification as a 959 model despite the fact they were with 911's engine. It was later on destroyed during an event and set at Porche's Museum.

 A car was designed for Bill Gates. Canepa added turbochargers and computer-control systems and helped 595 to become legal in the USA. The engine becomes 763 hp.

Classic parts and car spare parts Porsche 959:

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