Classic parts Porsche 944

It is a sports car manufactured between 1982 and 1991. It used the 924 platforms, with a front engine and rear-wheel drive.

It became the most successful car of Porsche until later on is introduced Boxster and 997 Carrera with 163 000 vehicles sold. Firstly it was designed by VW and later on considered both VW and Porsche. Brand's enthusiasts criticized it for the usage of Audi's engine. One hundred thirteen thousand cars were sold.

In 1979 is introduced a model with turbo on a higher price and 414hp with a longer-lasting engine. It was with a four-cylinder engine which felt like a six-cylinder one because of improvements.

In 1982 was introduced 944 with a top speed of 210 km per hour. In 1985 new dash and door panels were added, increased oil capacity, control alarms. A larger fuel tank was attached and heating on the seats.

The noise was reduced together with the anti-lock braking system and airbags and ABS. In 1989 the 2.5l four-cylinder engine was developed to 2.7L.

In 1983 was introduced Callaway 944 with a turbocharger and 284hp, while the standard was with 143hp. Only 20 cars were produced becoming one of the rarest Porsche 944s.

Spare parts Porsche 944 convertible

944 Super was introduced in 1987 with 187hp with four-valve-per-cylinder heads and revised exhaust system with a top speed of 232 km per hour. It was with dual knock sensors to improve the fuel performance. Ig was with more massive front and rear anti-roll bars.

Porsche S2 Cabriolet introduced in 1991 was with 208 horsepower and 3.0L engine and dominant performance. Approximately 17 000 were produced in 1989 and nearly 4 000 in 1990. The design was similar to the turbo model, Dual airbags and ABS were optional. It was used in competitions.

Classic parts and car spare parts Porsche 944:

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