Classic parts Porsche 912

Porsche 912 is produced between 1965 and 1969 in Coupe and Targa. It is with 1.6-liter air cooled four cylinder flat-4 used from 356 model. It is economical and was more sold than 911 at the beginning. It was demonstrating higher performance and was better looking than 911.

Spare parts Porsche 912 Targa

Targa, version 1 was introduced in1966, with plastic rear windows which could be opened with a zipper. Version 2 was launched in 1968 with a removable roof, in type coupe with glass windows. It was also distributed to the police in Germany.

Car parts Porsche 912E

Produced in 1975, 1976. A long-distance car with approximately 75-liter tank for fuel and ranked as the most comfortable model of 912.

Options to add were alloy wheels, electric antenna and sunroof, headlight washers, power windows and mirrors, and air conditioning.

It is the only sample from the brand to be planned to become obsolete with the time. Only 2,092 cars were created, that is why it is among the most desirable.

Statistics show that half of them are still in use more than 40 years later. It has the sporting extras from 911S, while it remains economical for a drive. Top-speed is 185 km per hour.

Classic parts and car spare parts Porsche 912:

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