Classic parts Porsche 356

It is built in Gmund, Austria under poor conditions and is a single copy because of their belief that people would not be able to afford to buy more only three years after the war.

356 was made based on the Porsche designed VW “Bubble.” It was still with VW engine but instead of 40 had 35 HP. It was created as a coupe and convertible.

Fifty-two cars were made from Gmünd, 8 of which were convertibles built by Beutler.

The couple was converted to a racing car and achieved excellent results at Le Mans.

It characterizes with an improvement of functions rather than design. It is a highly valued car for the fens of classic carts, usually reaching a bid between 20 and 100 grand $.

The rarely produced cars hold the highest price a customer is willing to pay.

Among the most desired models are the Speedster and Carrera Speedster. For a well maintained, limited edition classic car the fens are eager to spend and 300 000$.

The clubs of owners of the 356 model consists of thousands of people and is often considered Porsche’s largest club for classic cars. 

Classic parts and car spare parts Porsche 356:

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  • Air conditioning Porsche 356
  • Body parts Porsche 356
  • Brakes Porsche 356
  • Cables Porsche 356
  • Chassis Porsche 356
  • Cooling Porsche 356
  • Electrical Porsche 356
  • Engine Porsche 356
  • Exhausts Porsche 356
  • Exterior Porsche 356
  • Filters Porsche 356
  • Gearbox Porsche 356
  • Heating Porsche 356
  • Hydraulics Porsche 356
  • Interior Porsche 356
  • Lighting Porsche 356
  • Relays Porsche 356
  • Steering parts Porsche 356
  • Suspension Porsche 356
  • Transmission Porsche 356

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