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Volkswagen Beetle was also known with around fifty other names in the different countries. 

It was produced as an economy car able to carry five people initially, and restricted to four later on in some countries. It was manufactured from 1938 to 2003. It was launched by the idea of Adolf Hitler, who wanted more Germans to be able to afford a car. Ferdinand Porsche and his team designed it. It was also the first family car of Volkswagen.

It was the first Volkswagen produced, and among the first rear-engined cars since the 1915th. 

It is the most manufactured car of one platform in history and the longest-running. 

They went into mass production in the 1940s. 

Later on, they were named as 1200, 1300, 1500, 1302 and 1303, with the first three numbers indicating the engine and the last one taken from the model number. 

It was initially able to reach about 100km/h and had 25hp. It was later on increased to 36hp and 40hp. 

It was a base for developing Type 2 Bus, Type 3 Ponton, Type 4, 411 and 412, and Karmann Ghia. For ten years the Beetle increased the production of Western European continental cars production of rear-wheel-drive layout and rear-engine from 2.6 in 1946 to 26.6 percent in 1956.

Its flat engine and swing axle were used to build Chevrolet Corvair. 

The front-wheel drive and hatchbacks became the most produced in the European market for small cars.

In 1974, the Golf hatchback replaced the Beetle.

A New Beetle was built in 1998 based on the Golf Mk4 platform. It was replaced in 2011 by Beetle A5.

Type 1 was announced as the Car of the Century in 1999.

About 21.5 million Beetles were produced in total. 



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