Terms of sales and delivery


www.classicpartspassion.com (the ”Webshop”) is owned and run by Classic Parts Passion A/S, registrered in Danmark under company identification number 40 02 70 92 (hereafter “CPP”), and therefor part to any agreement resulting from orders from customers on the Webshop.


1. Application and validity

1.1 The following general conditions shall apply to all goods purchased on the Webshop and delivered by CPP in Denmark.

1.2 The presentation of products on the Webshop is to be qualified as an invitation to make and offer and place and order on the Webshop. When the customer places an order, the customer presents an offer to CPP, and final and binding agreement are not entered into until customer has placed an order, completed ordering process and received order confirmation by e-mail.


2.Delivery and prices

2.1 Prices on the Webshop includes VAT unless specified differently in the order confirmation. For customers with company registrations in the EU prices excluding VAT will be available.

2.2 Delivery is at the sole discretion of CPP made by third parties as per agreement with CPP.

2.3 When delivering to customers within the EEA prices in the Webshop include VAT, taxes etc, but exludes costs related to shipping the products which are specified in the odering process. When delivering products outside the EEA, extra costs regarding import taxes may occur.

2.4 Delivery is made when the products are handed over to the carrier, unless the customer is consumer, in which case delivery and the risk of damages to the product occurs according to relevant legislation.


3. Defects

3.1 CPP is liable for defects under applicable law, which is the 24 months of warranty. Complaints can be submitted to CPP using the contact form on the Webshop. In the case of warranty, the Customer is, at his disretion, entitled to make a claim for repair (if possible) or delivery of a fault-free product (replacement). If the chosen way of redistribution is associated with disproportionate costs, the claim may be limited to one of the above mentioned. CPP will make the customer aware of this

3.2 Immediately upon receipt of the goods, however no later than 8 weekdays after and before use thereof, the customer shall make such examination of the goods as is required by proper trade practice. In the event the parcel and/or product has any visible damage, the customere shall notify the carrier.

3.3 CPP shall never be liable for punitive damages, financial loss, consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of time or other indirect loss or consequential damage whether arising from delay, from the supply of defective goods or otherwise.

3.4 CPP shall in no event be liable for the suitability of the goods for its intended use or its fitness for a particular purpose. CPP shall further in no event be liable for defects or shortage of goods when caused by the customers inappropriate or improper use or storage.

3.5 With the exception of what has been stipulated above, CPP assumes no liability for defects and the buyer cannot assert any other rights in case of default than the ones stated above, including by way of illustration and not limitation termination of the order or compensation, whatsoever. To the extend the goods have been modified after receipt by customer CPP assumes no liability and any claim is waived.


4. Retention of title

4.1 CPP shall retain full and clear title to goods delivered hereunder, and ownership of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until full and final payment has been made.


5. Product Liability

5.1 CPP shall be liable in accordance with applicable law on product liability, however with the limitations following from this clause 5.

5.2 CPP shall under no circumstances be liable for indirect losses, including but not limited to operating losses, loss of profits, loss of time, punitive damages and consequential costs to which a defective product may have given rise.

5.3 CPP has obtained product liability insurance with a coverage of DKK 10 mio, and liability is maximized to that amount.


6. Right of cancellation and returning prodcuts.

6.1 In the event the customer is a consumer, the customer can cancel the purchase for 14 days. The 14 days begins when the customer has received the product. If the right of cancellation period expires on a weekend or bank holiday, the period is extended to first coming weekday.

6.2 Customer may after receiving the product only unpack and use the product to determine the nature of the product, the characteristics and the way they work.

6.3 If the customer wishes to cancel the purchase the customer shall give CPP notice of cancellation and return the goods using the form on the Webshop.

6.4 Returns must be made to Classic Parts Passion A / S, Sct. Leonis Gade 5, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

6.5 The Customer shall bear the costs of returning the product and shall ensure that the parcel is properly wrapped. Once the parcel is received, the purchase price is refunded to the customer

6.6 The Customer may lose the right of cancellation and repayment, provided the goods have been used, the goods have been damaged in the custody of the customer, the goods have been modified, the goods have been handled otherwise than in order to determine the nature of the goods, properties and the manner in which they operate.

6.7 If the customer registers and creates an account with CPP, cf. 7, CPP grants the right to cancel the purchase and return the goods for 60 days, provided that the goods have not been handled otherwise than to be able to ascertain the nature, characteristics and the way they work.


7. Customer account

7.1 Agreement regarding registration of account for the customer is made with no agreed excpiry. The customer is at any time and without further notice entitled to terminate the account.

7.2 CPP can terminate the account with two weeks notice.

7.3 Termination shall be made in writing by using the form on the Webshop.


8. Personal Data

8.1 To be able to purchase products on the Webshop, the customer must as a minimum inform and at the same time give his or her consent to the processing and storage there of:




      Phone number

8.2 The above data is stored with information about which goods you have purchased, for 10 years to fulfill warranty obligations after which the information is deleted. If you have created an account with CPP, your personal information and ordering information will not be deleted unless CPP is requested to do so.

8.3 Information is not disclosed or sold to third parties unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of Classic Parts. Any disclosure in such a situation will take place in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation at any time.

8.4 The customer has the opportunity access CPP' registered data about the customer, and the customer can object to a registration in accordance with the provistions in the act on the processing of personal information. Any inquiry and requests in connection therewith shall be directed to CPP via contact information in the Webshop.


9. Applicable law and venue

9.1 The agreement between CPP and the customer shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

9.2 Disputes, controversies, claims or differences which may arise between the parties out of, in relation to, or in connection with delivery of goods from Classic Parts, shall be settled by the ordinary courts.

9.3 If the customer has residence in the EU, complaint can be made to the European Commision via http://ec.europa.eu/odr.


10. Payment

10.1 After you chose credit card as payment method, please click on "buy". After this you will be redirected to a secure page where you can select your credit card type. Finally, enter the correct card details and confirm the payment. The amount will be deducted from your credit card when your order is shipped from our warehouse.



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