Discount agreement for classic and vintage car clubs.


Classic Parts Passion has a great passion for classic cars and would like to support you who support the car culture in Denmark. Therefore, we can offer the classic and vintage car clubs that are interested in it a discount agreement with us. It allows members of these clubs to buy cheaper spare parts and accessories for their classic or vintage car.

The discount agreement does not cost anything to your classical and veteran club, other than that, of course, you must have spread the message to your members that they have the opportunity to use the agreement via online booking at our webshop,

We create a discount code for your classical and veteran club, which you can share internally with your members. This can be used for all your purchases, where we / you can follow the sales.

You must complete the banquet below to make the agreement. You can also contact our customer service at e-mail or phone 71 99 71 88, who would be very happy to help you.

We look forward to the future cooperation.


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